Jack and Mom Poetry

We are carrying  on with our week of poetry and I have so many pictures and poems and other stuff to share.  I wanted to post this quickly because it’s short and it’s one thing I have time for though.

Yesterday Jack asked if I’d go outside and write “mom and me” poetry with him.  What mother could say no to a 6-year-old boy who asks her that on a spring day?

I went and we lay side by side on our lawn chaises with no cushions (they’ve disappeared over the winter and I can’t remember where I put them up!) while writing poems about each other.

Here’s Jack’s:

My mom is
the best!
If I could choose
only 1 mom in the
universe I would
choose Alesha!
I love you Mom

(note to self: teach Jack how to spell Alicia)

and here’s mine:

Jack is my sweet blonde
Tornado boy
Made of strength and nature and chaos
But also my
Garden boy
Made of growing and goodness
And also my river boy
Running and splashing and reaching
But mostly
Jack is my baby boy
Made of love

It was a lovely way to spend a few minutes and really made us both smile.  🙂


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