What I've Been Yapping About Lately

We’ll return to the photo spread of reasons I’m glad we HS tomorrow but in the meantime here’s a few things I wanted to pass on if you missed them and if you care!  🙂

Friday only: FREE iLiveMath Animals of Africa app for kids

Yes, today.  We don’t have any of those newfangled devices like iPhones or iPods so I have no use for this freebie, but it sure looks good!  Daryl always says our blog should be titled “One step up from the Amish.”  😉

Five lessons to take from Montessori for your homeschool

These are my favorite Montessori principles and ones I’ve always tried to incorporate here.  (Trivia tidbit:  I attended a Montessori school in California until first grade.  My mother enrolled me in preschool there at 3 so I could skip kindergarten and enter first grade at age 5.  I hated traditional schools but I loved Montessori.)

Making your own Montessori materials

Because while they’re cool, most Montessori materials require a second mortgage.

Freely Educate shares free teaching materials daily

Are you a subscriber yet?  I love this site!  You’ll lose a ton of time checking out their recommendations.  😉

Kids can use Russian Peasant Multiplication to easily multiply large numbers

We had so much fun with this!  Why is it that if I try to teach my kids anything traditional with math they act as if I’m performing dental work without anesthesia, but every time I find something like short division or Russian Peasant Multiplication they act like I’m handing out chocolates?  Anna actually asked me for more pages of it the next day — twice.  It’s odd fun.

Homeschool 101: What about socialization?

All my thoughts and favorite answers to a really ridiculous question.  🙂


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