Birthday Madness

We’re off in a couple of hours to the Mankato area to spend the night with the grandparents and buy a new (to us) van.  Tomorrow is Jack’s birthday, the next day is Victoria’s birthday and Monday is Alex’s birthday.

I’m baking cakes from scratch for all three.  There are at least 2 parties.  I still have to finish buying presents and party favors.

I’m tired.  🙂

I’ll try to check in occasionally in the tornado that will be the next 4 days.

In the meantime, this (not that first part) makes me grin…. A lot.  😉

Anna's New Novel

Anna has started writing a new book and she gave me permission to share the first paragraph here…

Lightning Strikes the Innocent

There I stood, only twelve, yet alone.  The storms happened what seemed like every day but this one had been different.  My family was having a family barbecue when the sky turned gray.  Before that it was calm.  After that, the lightning hit and started a fire in the grass.  I saw in blue flames, “Beware the magic inside you, Mary.”  I shrieked.

I’m curious to find out what happens next!  🙂

On the News!

We headed to Maud Hart Lovelace’s birthday party celebration in Mankato yesterday and the girls dressed up as Tacy and Tib to help out.  We had a lovely time but even better was the fact that a news crew was there and the kids were on the evening news!

Here’s a few samples…

The girls looked so sweet in their outfits (I even curled Victoria’s hair and put it back with a big white bow) and they each made new friends.

You can see lots of pics of the festivities here.

Off to the 1900's

We’re off to Mankato to take part in a Betsy-Tacy birthday party.  Victoria will be playing Tacy and Annalee will be Tib in this.  If you want to see more pictures from past Betsy-Tacy events, I put some here too.

By the way, if you haven’t read the Betsy-Tacy series and you like books like the Little House series, it may be one to check out.  It’s a sweet series based on the author’s childhood in Mankato and tends to be a favorite read-aloud for families.

Here’s hoping costumes fit, hair holds curls, the van holds out and fun is had by all….  🙂

Two Limericks by Victoria

There once was a young girl called Anna
She wanted to go to Montana
She whined and she groaned
She sobbed and she moaned
But next vacation, they went to see Nana!
We once had a cute dog called Spot.
And he loved when it got very hot
He could splash in the pond
(Of that he was fond)
But scuba dive, he could not.

Why I'm an Eclectic Homeschooler

I just finished a series of articles for the Examiner that really solidified for me why our homeschool style here is so eclectic.  I wrote about five great lessons to take from all different types of homeschooling, including Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason and Unschooling.  They are all parts of what we do here, and why I love the freedom we have as homeschool parents.  We truly can take the best of all worlds and adapt it all to perfectly suit each of our children.

If you want to check out the series, here it is so far…

Montessori Methods:

Five lessons to take from Montessori for your homeschool

Making your own Montessori materials

Waldorf Methods:

Five lessons to take from Waldorf for your homeschool

Making your own Waldorf Materials

Charlotte Mason Methods:

Five lessons to take from Charlotte Mason for your homeschool

Make your own nature journals

Make pocket-and-handle nature journals from paper bags!

Unschooling Methods:

Five lessons to take from unschooling for your homeschool

Five great blogs by unschoolers for inspiration, projects, games and more

And next in the series… Five lessons not to take from public school in your homeschool.  🙂