An Inspirational Unschooler

Here’s a pretty neat story of a 9-year-old unschooler thriving in community college.  What a fantastic story!  🙂  Subadra also has a fantastic blog with a million marvelous links and much info, if you’ve never visited before.  I’ve lost far too much time over there!

(Incidentally, if you have a blog that only takes blogger/gmail and open ID comments, I can’t leave comments.  My gmail account links to my children’s blogs and open ID has never worked with my WordPress Magical Childhood account… the comments disappear into cyberspace, even after I post long rambling comments. I keep trying to comment anyway, but they always get eaten. It’s quite frustrating!  🙂  I just wanted to let people know that I do read and am visiting!  )


2 thoughts on “An Inspirational Unschooler

  1. Hi Alicia,

    I was pleasantly surprised at the hits in my blog from yours:). I had not realized that you were leaving comments, and also that you were reading my posts. I want to thank you for letting me know, because I had no idea. I am sorry about the issues you are facing because of the email accounts. It has happened to me to couple of times with other blogs that my comments disappeared after I posted them. I had not realized it was due to acct issues..

    I would be so happy to hear/see your comments. So would you mind sending them to my email instead of the blog? Will that work? Sometimes people send me comments to my email instead of the blog. I usually do not investigate if they did not want it to be posted in the blog…so respond from email…but I can see if I can post yours from my own email with my response… Let me know if you try this so I can watch out if it works.

    I also want to thank you for these wonderful warm comments about my blog and my ds’ journey. It has been a fantastic ride so far. Over the years (8th yr will begin in May), I have learned from my kids to relax and not fret about things. And I keep learning the joys of life from them as well..This has kept me a learner too, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to keep them home.

    Thanks so much
    .-= Subadra´s last blog ..NEW BEGINNINGS! =-.


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