Ten Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Boy, it’s been a while since I posted one of these! Life has been so hectic.

Here’s a bit of what life has been like here…

1. We made pocket-and-handle nature journals from paper bags.

2.  We finally finished My Side of the Mountain.

3.  Jack used Daddy’s socket wrench to change the license plates.

4.  Each of the girls started a garden with plants I let them transplant from other parts of the yard like chocolate mint and wild violets.

5.  Victoria and Anna have been taking nature photos.

Daffodil by Victoria

Buffalo Rock plant by Annalee

6.  Alex, Anna and I walked the prairie trail at the Petroglyphs.

7.  Daryl and the girls auditioned for the Wilder Pageant.

(Anna is the third girl dancing above.)

8.  All of us have been reading, reading, reading.  I’m reading gardening and decorating books.  Victoria has been reading novels and about female pirates.  You can guess what Anna has been reading (yep, Harry Potter again) and Jack has been reading a little of everything, including Daddy’s Dilbert books lately.

9.  Alex has been solving complicated physics problems.

Just kidding.  🙂  I took this picture for an article about keeping toddlers from scribbling on walls (this basement wall is shower paneling, which is dry erase).  If you want to peek at more of our creative areas in the house, click here.

10. Victoria found a bunch of her old Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard magazines and lent them to Jack.  He’s having a blast reading them all.  She also brought out a National Geographic Kids magazine but Alex has defiantly claimed it and will not let anybody else look at his magazine.


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