Funschooling Math

I’m in search of some fun math resources to introduce the bigger concepts for Anna and especially Victoria.  We were talking about multiplying positive and negative numbers yesterday, for instance, and I’d love some sort of game, book, site or other resource to back me up and refresh my memory.

I’d especially love self-directed resources (books, games, web sites…) where the kids can do much of it on their own.  I know that may be a pipe dream on my part right now, though.

What are your favorite ways to teach math?


4 thoughts on “Funschooling Math

  1. Here are some sites we use.

    We like to draw fractions and number lines in chalk outside, count things, look for angles at the playground etc. We play games for math and I have a whole collection of math dice.

    Here are 2 books I’m using Monday at my monkey bar math co-op where we’ll be finding Pi, doing basic math and playing games for math at the playground.

    Math on the playground / by Ellen Weis.

    Math games & activities from around the world / Claudia Zaslavsky


  2. We love Mythmatical Battles (a multiplication card game) and the all math activities from The Mailbox.

    Last week we drew the “world’s largest number line” on the sidewalk and did math problems outside. We did addition and subtraction with positive and negative integers.

    My kids say they don’t like math, but once we get into our hands-on activities and games, they have a great time.
    .-= Sparklee´s last blog ..Alpacas and Arabians =-.


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