Oil Spill Homeschool

Have you talked much with your kids about the oil spill?  We have a little here but not too much.  I really want to find a salon quick that donates hair (see this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and lose half my hair for sea life.  🙂  Anybody know of a chain?

I found the process of using Dawn on the birds fascinating.  It is much more elaborate than I would have thought.  I definitely want to share this with the kids tomorrow.

I’ve also been following the clean up process a bit via a Facebook volunteer group.  When the spill first happened, I looked all over for a way for our family to go down and volunteer, but there is very little children can do at this point.  Indeed, even untrained adults mostly just get in the way.  The best things we can do from here are raise money, donate hair/fur and spread those messages.

So tomorrow we start to bombard local businesses with information about the hair and fur angle.  🙂  How’s that for educational?  Emails will involve spelling, punctuation and proper letter writing form.  Then there’s yellow page research, fact finding, web searches….

Have you and your kiddos done anything to help?  Please share your ideas and suggestions!

And for interactive maps about the oil spill and links and information for educators, click here.


2 thoughts on “Oil Spill Homeschool

  1. I haven’t talked to Princess about the oil spill. She is such a sensitive soul and has so much to deal with right now emotionally, I didn’t think she needed any more. That said, you got me thinking…what if I contact all the dog grooming places in the area and ask them to save all the dog fur? We could box it up and send it! I just don’t know if I can add another thing to my plate. The Lizard King has been away for 9 weeks and we’ve got 6 more to go. I’ve still got lots of packing to do and our schedule is hectic as it is. *sigh* And of course, we’ve got dog allergies and asthma, too, so that could end up being a really bad idea. Okay, I’m done rambling now. :/
    .-= Shady Lady´s last blog ..Happy Un-Birthday Princess =-.


  2. Well, my kids know about it and they are worried about the whales, dolphins and otters. Tomorrow they are singing for Save the whales in something totally unrelated, but they are thinking about cutting their hair. Now, none of my girls have ever had their hair cut, so this is a big deal.

    Now you will know that you are to blame if you see a pic soon with short haired girls!
    .-= liese4´s last blog ..Gone sleddin’ =-.


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