Math Realization

photo by woodleywonderworks (Flickr)

My fabulous friend April sent me this post about math and it made a million bells go off in my head.

The author points out that we want to teach our children to read because reading is so joyful and then when we’re asked why want to teach children math it’s all about what they “need” to know.  It made me realize we need to put the joy in math.  We need to approach it as a gift, just like reading, just like any other type of learning.  Yes.

It’s brilliant!  Wow!  I have changed my thinking entirely about math.

Sweet.  😉


One thought on “Math Realization

  1. No lie! I didn’t like math as a kid, but now I see the big picture and how things work and I love it. That’s why I just did my math co-op at the park, to show kids that math is all around and has some practical uses.


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