10 Fun Things….

Hello from Nebraska!  Sorry to be MIA for so long!  Here’s ten things we’ve done for fun and education lately……….

  1. We went to the University of Lincoln’s Morris Hall, this fantastic three-story science museum with mammoth skeletons and oodles more.  There was a wonderful program set up with billions of fun arts and science activities plus tons of animals, rescued birds of prey, reptiles, etc. to meet and learn about.  It was sooooooo fun!  And I am flabbergasted at how big mammoths were.  It’s unimaginable.  They had them in a great hall with elephant skeletons, mastadon skeletons and more, and they are just enormous in comparison.  So Cool.
  2. We listened to this wonderful children’s band there and bought some of their CD’s and a pirate t-shirt.  One of the CD’s was all about Nebraska (such fun songs!) and we learned a ton.
  3. We went to the first homestead in the US, which is now a park, and learned all about the Homestead Act and Manifest Destiny and so on.
  4. While there, it poured rain and the children danced and played freeze tag in the rain until they were soaked.  Then most of the kids and I walked the 15 minute trail in the rain (I had an umbrella) to the other interpretive center, while singing songs whose words we’d forgotten, badly, at the top of our lungs and laughed like crazy.  🙂  It was surprisingly fun.  And wet.  And cold.
  5. We went to the farmers’ market and saw a billion stands and fantastic rocks and fossils and art and plants and ethnic food and music and sculpture…..
  6. We took the kids to Boot Camp early Saturday morning and they did an hour of intense exercise and LOVED it.  They pulled tires across the parking lot, ran relay races, did stretches and jumping jacks, and ran a mile!
  7. The girls watched “Mama Mia” and sang along at full blast.  The boys watched “Super Mario Brothers” for far too long.
  8. Lots of basketball was played and lots of walks were walked (in rain, shine, night, dark…).
  9. We’ve played a billion kinds of fun board games, card games and other games.  We have some new favorites.
  10. Tiffany, Jessie and I took Victoria out today for a late birthday celebration.  We went to the mall and hit a fancy restaurant for cheesecake.  I got Victoria some new clothes and a peace ring and Tiffany got me a shirt that says, “Anything can happen when I’m around!”.  I love it, though I also loved the one that said, “If you think I’m crazy, you should meet my friends.”  😉

We’ll be coming home Wednesday.  I’ll be so sorry to leave!


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