Summer School

Summer has started early here.

This has been such an odd year, with spring starting way earlier than I can ever remember — no snow at all past February, though it took a whole month to melt all that we had.

Now summer seems to have hurried on too.  Daryl hauled the air conditioner into the living room window today and we all stayed downstairs for much of the day because the upstairs was too massively hot and humid.

Our days have been spent with lots of water and lots of mud.  The kids have constructed elaborate waterways to create cooling fun.  We have toweled up mud and wet footprints throughout the house a dozen times in two days.

Half of us are sick, too, with some miserable cold that has given us sore throats and coughs and runny noses.  Jack spiked a high fever from it (so I suppose it’s not technically a cold) and we’ve all been moving in slow motion as we move through all the stages into the end of it and back (hopefully soon!) to health.

I have been thinking of all sorts of things to blog, strange and silly and interesting ways we’ve learned this or that or the other.  But of course not a bit of it is coming to me now.  🙂

Pageant practice starts soon, and I’ll lose Daryl and the girls nearly every evening as they rehearse lines and dances in Walnut Grove.  The boys and I will read books and do crafts and go on really long walks when I get to the point where it’s either that or break out the wine.

We’re still doing all sorts of learning… reading “A Little History of the World” and discussing court protocol and so on and so forth.  But right now it’s so hot and so humid and I’m so stuffy that it all seems to be happening underwater.

Head colds, heat and homeschooling just don’t mix!  But like everything else, they have their place and they help make everything else balanced and right.  The trick is to find the joy in it all.  Because there always is so much.

Other than the head cold.


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