This, That and the Other


Victoria found this article about albino animals.  It’s pretty neat to look at with the kids!  I’m not sure it’s all the best scientific information, but it’s a fantastic springboard to find out more.  She’s also taught me some fancy word for an animal that seems albino but isn’t, but I’ve forgotten (I have a mind like a collander!).  I’ll have her write up a paragraph and I’ll post it.  🙂


Here’s a huge list of secular homeschool blogs.

The Other:

I finished this series up a few days ago and had a lot of fun with it.

It’s easy to get in a rut with math and rely on lots of workbook pages and drilling. That’s a shame, because there really are lots of…
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Remember when grammar involved diagramming sentences at a chalkboard? Lucky for us, there are so many more ways to teach this subject and make it…
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Looking for some fun new science-related activities to do with the kids? Here’s a few simple ways to teach astronomy, chemistry, the human body…
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Looking for some fun ways to help your child along with reading skills? Here’s five wonderful ways that have always been helpful hits at our…
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Map darts: Find or make a large corkboard and rotate various large maps on top of it. Challenge the kids to throw darts at a specific state,…
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Looking for a way to add some fun to your history studies? Here’s five fun ways to help bring the subject to life. Write historic diary…
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So what should I write about next?  Ideas welcome!  🙂

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