10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Once it got below 100 and we started to get over this spring bug, we ended up accomplishing some pretty neat things this week after all.  Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to…

1.  Victoria and Anna have been learning about the Bubonic Plague. I have no idea how Victoria first learned about it, but she brought it up during a kitchen conversation (“Just so you know, rats weren’t responsible for spreading the Bubonic Plague.  It was fleas on rats and people…”).  We weren’t even discussing the Bubonic Plague, so I’m really confused why she felt it was necessary to correct any misconceptions we may have had!  🙂  But I let her run with it and tell us more.  Then a show came on the History Channel about it the very next day and Anna watched it and decided to write a report about it.

2.  The kids have been doing lots of art, especially with the new oil pastels I got from Rainbow Resource. Jack had a field day and I bought art from him for 5 cents a page (10 cents if they were really elaborate).  I love his art!

3.  We continue to read “A Little History of the World.” The girls continue to ask for it when it’s been too long since I’ve read some.  I do love that book!

4.  Anna has been creating signs, articles, scripts, etc. about recycling, saving the Earth and vegetarianism. Billions of them.

5.  Victoria taught herself to write CSS code. I’m not even sure what that means but I’m pretty sure it’s awesome.  😉

6.  The kids rigged up a water slide using the slip-n-slide, the watering wand attachment of the garden hose and the slide and used it to cool off on one of our days that was in the upper 90’s (This is Minnesota in May?  August does not bode well!).

7.  We’ve been going to the lake a lot and finding tons of treasures that became science and history lessons. More on that later!

8.  Victoria and I took night pictures the other night when the moon was so bright and full that it was like dusk outside at midnight.  The sky looked like blue tie-dye with the clouds and the moonlight.  Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t capture it.  My camera could capture Victoria trying though…

9.  We read a book about John Brown, the abolitionist who “raised a storm” fighting slavery. It was a picture book but it told the story well.  I learned a lot about the time and the man.  It also led to a good discussion about right and wrong, and different viewpoints about whether violence is ever okay to try to end bad things.  This man gave his life for the rights of others and was so devoted to doing the right thing, but the fact that he sometimes used violence meant that he was deemed a villain for much of history and executed by his country.  It’s a good story to get into with the kids for so many reasons.

10. We’ve been going on lots of walks. Goofy outfits and all.  🙂


3 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. Today it’s 90 here (Denver) then back to regular temps of 70’s for a few days. I think we’re in for a hot summer here, we missed out on a late spring blizzard and I think no late snow means hotter temps. But, last summer it was too cool to swim most of the summer (it needs to be above 90 to swim here, the water is just too cold otherwise.) So, I guess hotter is good?
    .-= liese4´s last blog ..OMG! It’s summer, the kids are out of school and they are driving me batty!** =-.


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