A Trip to Alexandria

We went up north to Alexandria last weekend to meet our friends Guy and Val halfway between our homes.  We had been meaning to go for years because we wanted to see the Kensington Runestone (if you don’t know this bit of history/archeology, it’s fascinating!), and we found lots of other fun things to do too.

Some of the fun we had included….

  • The kids and I took a wagon ride pulled by Norwegian Fjord Horses at a winery.
  • Jack, Anna and Victoria got their faces painted.
  • We visited the Runestone museum and saw the original runestone plus a Viking ship and oodles of historic stuff.
  • There was a T-shirt at the Runestone museum that was written in runes and Victoria read it.  Without a key.  Have I mentioned she writes her journal in runes so nobody can read it?  🙂  Daryl bought her the shirt.  I think she earned it!  She was also very disappointed to see that the museum had put up a “fake” rune alphabet for kids to learn — basically simplified and adapted since our alphabet has far more letters than theirs and it would be tricky to translate otherwise.
  • I bought two tennis rackets and some balls, and we all took turns playing tennis (even Daryl, who mostly had to hope the balls would come right to him since his legs are bad, gave it a shot!).
  • The girls and I went shopping at Target, which is a rare treat for us.  Yes, we live so far in the boonies that Target is a big deal!  🙂  (This is really good for the pocketbook though!)
  • The kids got to swim and swim and swim at the hotel.
  • We ate at a historic restaurant and shopped at an antique store together.
  • Oh yes, and we went through a car wash.  Yes, folks, we ARE that sheltered that this is a big deal!  We’ve always just washed our own cars and I thought it would be fun for the kids.  They loved it!  Cheap fun!

Behold, a billion pics….

It was a wonderful trip!


8 thoughts on “A Trip to Alexandria

  1. What a great trip. I am so impressed that Victoria could read that shirt!

    If you ever come to LA I’ll give you a tour and make sure to include our 2 floor Target with the cart escalator. I go weekly but I still sort of geek out over it. 🙂
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Nature Study at the Ocean =-.


    • Um, how geeky is it that Victoria and I want to come to LA to see your Target? 😉

      Incidentally, I was born near LA, a few billion years ago it seems. I lived all around California my first 9 years. Then it was off to Maine, Florida, Arkansas, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky… And now live in a MN town a half hour from the nearest stoplight. 🙂


  2. I was just telling my husband that when I travel it seems that going into Target centers me. Or soothes me. Or reminds me of normal in the craziness of whatever trip I’m on. Or something. He just looked at me like I was nuts. Which I don’t deny …

    BTW, we’ve got a 2 story Target with a cart escalator out here, too. If you come to CA to do a tour of Targets, make sure you stop by the Bay Area and I’ll take you to ours 🙂

    Cool on reading the rune shirt! I think I got most of it, but the shirt hangs in a way that I can’t make out the last word. If it says what I think it does, it’s similar to the Latin quote I have on my FB wall. Victoria – would you share your translation so I can see if I’m even close to correct? 🙂


  3. Sure. 😉 “If you kan rea? this you are a uiking” There’s not many letters, so they added a bunch at the museum. I can’t tell what they used as “D”. What’d you get?

    I should blog a page from my diary. 😀

    .-= Toria´s last blog ..Flower. =-.


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