Always Ice Cream?

My fabulous HS friend Claire passed on a link to Always Ice Cream, a paid web site for girls that’s supposed to be safe and educational.  Has anybody else tried it out there?  What do you think?  And why are so many web sites set up for girls only?  We need something like New Moon Girls for boys, not to mention all the sites like Horseland and fairy sites.  Where are the safe sites for boys or for both?  Why isn’t anybody setting up a special site where boys can learn good values, feel supported, have fun, etc. in a safe environment?

Just sayin’.

Anyway, here’s the synopsis for Always Ice Cream, which doesn’t seem to be set up to do most of that stuff either (teaching values and such) but might be cool…

Welcome to Always Icecream, the innovative play and learning website built exclusively for girls between the ages of 7 and 12. Always Icecream is like a patient private tutor who hands out virtual ice cream, called “$coops” in exchange for girls practicing typing, math, geography, language arts, and science. Your daughter will use this in-game currency to play fun games, feed her virtual pets, decorate her house, and watch short, entertaining age-appropriate videos.

There’s a free trial and I figure we’ll sign up and give it a go.  I’ll let you know what we think!


One thought on “Always Ice Cream?

  1. I’m the founder of Always Icecream (together with my wife and my five children, to be precise…) and just came across your post. Why is it for girls rather than for boys? I think it was primarily caused by the fact that we have a female majority at home with three daughters aged 7-12. Also, my team’s strength is to build “social” sites and girls just tend to get more excited than boys about “babysitting my friends’ pets.”

    Once Always Icecream has been established more broadly, and once we’ve implemented at least some of the myriad suggestions from our users, I’d be open to the idea of creating a boys site. Some boys even already suggested names for “their” site (no, I’m not going to post the name before we’ve bought the URL 🙂 ).

    In the meantime we’re happy to learn more about running a girls site that is of value to both girls and their parents. We just finished creating a Bible quiz and are working on a health quiz for girls.


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