Learning German

Victoria has decided that she wants to learn German because her favorite rock band (Tokio Hotel) is German and she wants to be able to listen to their interviews and understand them.

I’m game.  I took German in high school and loved it.  Surprisingly, much of it has stuck with me all of these years (and it has been a LOT of years since I was in high school!) and I even think in German with a few phrases.

So we’ve been doing German classes.  I’ve been teaching her common phrases, the alphabet, spelling rules, etc. the past couple of days.  I found a site that quizzes her in a fun way and have been printing out simple worksheets.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far.

  • Languages Online has fun, simple, interactive lessons that she’s been whizzing through.
  • Happy Child has downloadable lists of words, phrases, rules, etc.
  • Collins has some fabulous PDF files of verb charts and more (very extensive!).

Anybody have recommendations for other fun, free resources?  TIA!


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