10 Things You Should Know Before Moving Next Door To Us

(I don't think Anna's friend Addie has ever come home from our house not wet, muddy or covered in paint.)

~ ~ ~

We have new neighbors next door and they include a 9-year-old girl and a 12-year old boy.  The girl was playing in our yard today and it occurred to me that we should probably come with warning labels.  She’s already quite wet and slightly blackberry stained.  🙂

So here, I offer up my list of cautions for potential neighbors…

  1. Your children will probably always come home wet, dirty or covered in paint.  I highly advise having them change into play clothes the minute they set foot in our yard.
  2. You may hear wolf howls, badminton games and games of tag way after dark.  Yes, we have blinking badminton birdies for precisely this purpose.
  3. We have weeds.  We will not spray them.  We will do crafts with them, dig them up, ignore them and do experiments on them, but don’t even think about asking us to dump chemicals on them.
  4. Expect to hear screaming pretty much all day long, especially in the summer.  Mostly it’s happy screaming, but it will still probably make you want to duct tape several layers of feather pillows around your head some days.  Sorry.
  5. Our children climb trees, throw spears, whittle with pocket knives, ride skateboards and do other dangerous things — often.  We teach them to do them safely and they (mostly) listen though.
  6. Daryl bellows and I holler.  We’re very nice anyway.  If you had these four kids you would too.
  7. We occasionally have opossums in our garage.  We will feed them, follow them around and befriend them.  They are fantastic for homeowners and we just plain like them.  Don’t worry — opossums move on after about two weeks.
  8. Our yard is frequently full of obstacle courses, homemade water parks, tires, 8 million bikes, log structures and assorted contraptions.
  9. If any of your family members venture outside, they will probably be recruited to take part in messy science experiments, monster parades, mud pies, tea parties, video shows, make believe games, nature crafts, role playing, long conversations and general mayhem.  My kids like adults, so that includes you.
  10. Your children will probably start pestering you to homeschool them.

12 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know Before Moving Next Door To Us

  1. I was sort of sad reading the fact about opossums moving along because I was growing rather fun of a young female that visited last summer every night to climb into our grape arbor. She hasn’t been back since- now I know why.


    • They just have the neatest little personalities, don’t they? I love that they are called “Nature’s sanitation workers” because they clean up all the stuff you don’t want in your yard like rotten fruit and cockroaches (though we don’t really have those here in MN) and then move on. She may come back after she makes the rounds though!


  2. I’m all for kids having fun and all, but don’t you think you’re being rather rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate of your neighbors? no, you probably wouldn’t………


    • Wow. You’re not really the friendly type, are you? 😉 No, I don’t think we’re rude and obnoxious to any of our neighbors. We bake our neighbors treats, share garden bounties, chat in the shade, help them shovel snow in the winter and clean up after storms, lend them our tools, share fruits and homemade popsicles with their children… We even gave those new neighbors our extra couch because they didn’t have one. Their kids play the saxophone loudly on their front steps (never had a lesson!) and loudly beat on each other so I think we’re pretty even actually!


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