Short and Sweet

(Like me!)  😉

I’m writing this with a loud, wiggly three-year-old singing on my lap so I will be quick!

I took the boys with me to my board meeting at the food coop in Windom tonight.  Daryl and the girls had play practice so my usual child-watchers were unavailable.  I brought Jack and Alex in with a sack of dried fruits and organic lollipops, grabbed a few of the toys they keep at the front of the store for children, apologized with a grin and commenced taking minutes.

Other than a few small squabbles and one mad dash into the store, it went surprisingly well.  I even enjoyed the half hour drive there and back, with my kiddos and my kiddie music (They Might Be Giants) as we watched deer, horses, cows and pheasants and talked silly.

After the meeting I took the boys to McDonalds for a treat.  We munched apple dippers and fruit and yogurt, learned about recycling cans from the kiddie magazine and lounged and loitered together.

It was very nice.

(I just righted a singing, hand waving, upside down boy from my lap and shouted “Oh good grief!” while typing that last line.)

Twelve years ago, I was attending state domestic violence board meetings with a nursing baby girl in my arms.  There was something very right in bringing these crazy, joyful boys to this board meeting tonight.

Meetings need more children, in my opinion.  At least occasionally.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of noisy kisses to give and someone is really overdue for bedtime.


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