A Clever Snake

We went to Devil’s Gulch in South Dakota with friends on Saturday and during the hike we came across this clever snake.

He’s a bull snake and like every other snake in Minnesota, he’s not poisonous.  He didn’t want to let us know that, though, and he knew how to make us wonder.  He did a fabulous job of mimicking a rattlesnake, right down to shaking his tail in the dry leaves to make a rattling sound.

Victoria took this video of him.  That’s Anna’s voice (no, nobody was going to hit the snake) and our friend Thom talking.

Isn’t he clever?

The rest of the day was super fabulous.  More on that soon!


2 thoughts on “A Clever Snake

  1. We recently had the same experience! The kids were convinced it was a rattlesnake until they got a closer look at his tail.



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