A Trip to the Science Museum

Life has become so busy!  Summers are always crazy for us.  They balance out the serenity of winter. I’m not sure which I like better.

I have so much catching up to do that I was going to do a “Ten Ways We’ve Learned…” post but I figured this one would take a whole entry.  We took a trip to the Washington Pavillion (Sioux Falls’ science museum) with Thom and his family on Saturday.

Here’s just a few of the billions of pics I took.

Victoria biked 2.91 miles and burned 177 calories while Jack and Aiden played virtual hockey, basketball and more

Alex loved wheelchair racing!

We all took turns using our brain waves to battle each other.  Here, Anna and Galen tried to use their calm Alpha and Theta waves to move the ball to the other person’s goal.  I played Victoria twice and was embarrassingly defeated.  It turns out I have a remarkable shortage of calm brain waves!  😉

Anna and Galen's brain waves (Galen won)

Jack is quite good at climbing the walls

The boys love this crazy ball machine

Alex could have played here all day

Here too!

Anna and some of the other kids built cars to race down ramps

Jack and Aiden played side by side all day long

We had so much fun we bought a family membership for the year.  Now we have no choice but to travel to Sioux Falls more often!

We’re all quite sad, since it’s pretty certain that Thom’s family is moving far away.  Jack adores Aiden and the girls feel the same about Galen.  I really click with Thom and Linda, too, so it’s a big blow for all of us.  It can be hard out here to find other families we really click with, much less homeschooling ones.

As a result, we’re doing as much as possible with them while they’re here!  Tomorrow’s plan:  strawberry picking.  Let’s hope it finally stops raining.   🙂


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