Math, Math, Math

Just sharing a few sites I’ve bookmarked lately to dig into for math goodness….

Xtra Math is a free drill program that allows parents/teachers to track kids’ progress.  Looks simple and helpful, if not thrilling.

Number Nut has lots more math topics and a bit more pizzazz.

Math eBook has free video tutorials of all things math-ish.  Want to explain imaginary numbers or Binomial Theorem?  Here ya go.  To be honest, the table of contents makes me want to go find a whole lot of wine coolers but that’s probably just me.  🙂

We have now officially lost our new set of Mythmatical Battles cards, incidentally.  We got in two half games.  Sigh.  Victoria was enjoying it too and Anna was complaining about how unfair it was she didn’t get to play yet.  Blarg.

Ah well.  I always say that spills are the only way my kitchen gets mopped and losing things is the only cause of cleaning getting done so I suppose some good will come of it.

And now, I was supposed to be headed for a long-awaited bubble bath but instead am off to deal with a small boy who’s woken in a very foul mood.


2 thoughts on “Math, Math, Math

  1. Yep, they are! I featured Khan Academy on one of my Examiner articles so I didn’t mention them again. It’s wonderful how much stuff there is out there for free. 🙂


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