10 Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

I’m enjoying a rare moment of quiet and calm and thought I’d pop over for an update.  Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to….

1.  Daryl and the girls are busy with rehearsals for the Wilder Pageant.  They have a week and a half left until opening night, and then the play will run for the next 3 weekends.  This year, the stars who played Nellie and Almanzo (how is that spelled again???) are coming to visit.  That should be fun.  Victoria and Anna both have a slew of friends on the cast too, so it’s especially nice for them.

2.  We had our town’s Fun Days last weekend and Daryl taught folks about old fashioned instruments like the dulcimer and the history behind them (which is actually pretty interesting!).  We toured the museum (which is the railroad depot that the town was built around 100 years ago) but it’s a no-touching kind of museum so we toured it quickly!  Anna wore her pageant costume and helped out, while Alex stomped in puddles off to the side.  Jack mostly drove me crazy.

3.  Victoria got some Tokio Hotel CD’s in German and has been listening to them nonstop.  She likes the German versions better than the English.  She’s still working on learning German so as to better understand her favorite band.  😉

4.  Jack and I talked about how the street names are designed and how to find your way based on what street you’re on.  In our town, the streets are named after trees in alphabetical order on our side of 1st Avenue — Ash, Birch, Cedar, Elm… Yes, they skipped D and didn’t think of Dogwood (on the other side of First it’s historic figures).  We talked about odd house numbers always being on one side and even on the other, and how to find your way from anywhere in town just based on knowing your numbers and your alphabet.  Of course, living in a town roughly the size of a Walmart parking lot makes that pretty easy too.  😉

5.  I’m STILL reading “The House of Dies Drear” to Anna.  Victoria likes it too, so when I accidentally read without her two nights in a row I had to read those chapters all over again and catch her up.  I secretly like the fact that my moody twelve-year-old really wants me to read to her too, but don’t tell her that!

6.  Jack passed swimming class, level one.  Way to go, Jack!

7.  Some old friends who moved away years ago came back to town this week for an anniversary party, so we got to visit with them again.  They used to homeschool but gave it up after the fourth child and put the kids in a Christian school.  The mom said she couldn’t keep up with curricula and I said neither can I.  It’s a shame when the “school at home” business drives families away from homeschooling.  They seem to be happy and doing well though, and Anna loved playing with her old friend Jessica again.

(I have no idea why Jack is scowling in this picture.  He had a ball the whole time but he has a propensity for looking miserable or mad in every picture!)

8.  The farmers’ market started up again.  I am now officially happy, happy, happy.  I loooooooooooove our farmers’ market. Today I scooped up cabbage, beets, snap peas, lettuce and rhubarb.  I bought extra snap peas from the Chinese booth because of how sweet they were, and the man tried to sell me some bark I could boil to treat “precancer.”  I love having a guy I can go talk to if I want bark to treat precancer but I’m a bit lost as to how a person would know to treat it.  “I have a feeling I’ll be getting cancer soon.  Do you have something for me?” I must be missing something.  On the bright side, it also treats kidney stones and several unmentionable things, so it’s quite duel purpose.

9.  Jack has been playing lots of physics games online.

10. Jack and Anna took part in pirate day at the library club.  I happen to think they make darling pirates.

There’s also been a billion books and squirt painting and walks every day and playing in the park and fireworks in the front yard (we live across the street from where they set them off, so friends come and sit on our lawn swings with us and watch the show!) and gardening and long talks and algebra videos and yapping on the phone with friends.

Next up this week… getting together with friends, getting together with some other friends, doing some more ant science, finishing Dies Drear, reviewing an educational science book I get to check out, recognizing some funny and serious July holidays, and cleaning the living room.  Maybe I’ll promise myself chocolate to get that last one done.

What are your plans?


4 thoughts on “10 Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. You sound busy as usual!

    Our schools are just about to break for holidays so Billy’s booked in for all sorts of exciting stuff over the next 2 weeks. That’s the best thing about school holidays – all of the workshops that run!
    .-= Kez´s last blog ..Ups and downs =-.


  2. Lots going on here also this summer. My 11 year old daughter loves to be read too still. We are working our way through the Percy Jackson Series together and enjoying it very much. Sounds like you guys are having a very busy and fun summer so far.
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Happy July 4th =-.


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