I am quite definitely, absolutely, unequivocally in a funk. Quite a deep one. I have no idea how to dig my way out. I am not fond of it, but am lacking the energy to try very hard to change it.

You know how they say girls are easier when they’re little but harder when they’re older, and boys vice versa?  Due to extraordinarily poor planning, I am now dealing with the worst on both ends.

Having a twelve-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy at the same time is not something I think I would choose to ever go through again.  Or at least this particular set.

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m better at break dancing, neurosurgery, gene splicing, glass blowing and hang gliding than I am at mothering.  Or at least it feels like it.

And no, I’ve never attempted any of the above.

I’ll try to be helpful, interesting or somehow of use in the next post.


9 thoughts on “Funky

  1. Hmm, no words of wisdom. I think I’ve forgotten both 12 yr old girls ( the good thing is by the time they are 15 they are great, the bad news is I get to do 12 yo girl again) and 3 yo boys. Instead I’ll send you virtual hugs and chocolate. An maybe suggest you reread your own blogs – just for a reminder that you are a great mum – even if you’re not feeling it at the moment.


  2. Hang in there! I swear my 9yo girl is really 12 but somehow figured out a way to skip a few years. It’s really, really hard.

    Be kind to yourself —I remember being 12 and think that my poor mother must’ve wondered what she’d done wrong to raise such a moody, sullen little thing. But, I made it out wonderfully! (lol)

    And, I agree with Sandra—-look back at your blog for validation! You are a great mom!
    .-= Fairly Odd Mother´s last blog ..Say cheese =-.


  3. I agree with the above. Especially the be-kind-to-yourself bit, and to look back through your blog.

    You absolutely don’t have to be helpful or positive online until you feel ready … we need to know other people have bad days, weeks or months just like we do!!

    If it helps to write about the rotten bits, do it. Write a poem to your kids exaggerating their antics, only to show them when they’re parents. Or try the other way and list everything you’re thankful for.

    Wish I could offer to babysit or something. I hope you feel better soon.
    .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..Warning =-.


  4. You totally got me out of my funk with my 4-yr old son recently. I’m continually rediscovering that almost every problem can be solved with my 100% attention….at least for the 3-yr old. I haven’t done 12-yr olds yet! Both my sisters have teenage daughters and I remember them going through a stage when their daughters seemed to need a lot of independence. I remember my homeschooling sister struggling more with this concept because they had enjoyed such a strong bond…those girls are now 15 and 17 and they are back doing amazing things together. Of course my sister didn’t have a 3-yr old to deal with! There is plenty of inspiration out there, the first step is asking. Good luck. Also sounds like you just need to slow down a little, it amazes me with what you seem to achieve.


  5. No advice since we’re nowhere near it but I remember being a moody, sullen 14 year old. My parents often treated me like it was strange and a problem that I was that way and not a normal phase for a teen. I would have appreciated a little more understanding.

    I’m in no way saying you are not – just throwing out what I remember from my own experiences.

    .-= Kat´s last blog ..The Fourth of July =-.


  6. Just wanted to say that I think you’re awesome. And that I thought that before your marvelous article. The other responders are right – read your old blog posts and you’ll see just how wonderful a mom you are 🙂


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