New Secular List for MN

I have a dear homeschooling friend who is leaving Minnesota mostly because his family has felt so ostracized being a secular homeschooler in SW Minnesota.

I have a homeschool friend who signed a statement of faith that didn’t match her beliefs (left leaning Catholic) in order to finally get some HS opportunities for her kids in the Twin Cities.

I have a homeschool friend who’s “in the closet” in her local group because she’s pretty sure she’ll be shunned if they know she’s not religious.

Lately, I’ve been hearing from so many HS friends that they feel so alone because of being secular here.  It’s something that’s weighed on me too, ever since we started this homeschooling journey here all those years ago.  I have plenty of depressing stories of my own.

So tonight I made an email group for secular HSers in MN and surrounding states.  I am hoping to coordinate actual get-togethers periodically throughout the state, since it’s wonderful to find support online but every so often it’s even better to get to sit on a park bench with fabulous people who accept and like you and watch a whole herd of happy children playing together.  🙂  If you’re not in MN you can join too (I don’t like exclusion!) but then you have to promise to try to come visit us once!

If you know anybody who’d like our group, please pass it on!


7 thoughts on “New Secular List for MN

  1. I think this is great. I have to admit to being pretty spoiled since we live in a large, liberal (over all) city so there’s a variety of HSers here. I would have such a hard time if this was an issue for us.

    This blog started Secular Thursdays: We don’t participate, because I’m lazy, but it is often a good read.
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Liberty’s Kids =-.


  2. I’m a very religious person, but that was actually NOT one of the reasons I chose to homeschool! Even thought I’m not in MN, I’m very sorry you felt so out-of-place (can’t spell the o-word you used). I love your blog and hope we can all work to make sure everyone gets the help and support they need as a teacher. What you are doing…setting up your own support network for others…is wonderful. I wish you the best of luck!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..USA Lapbook =-.


  3. I agree that this is wrong,Even thou I am very christian ,I chose a secular curriculum for my children which we all Love & are very happy with.
    ( )
    Because of this we have had a few home-school parents over time as look at me like I had horns growing out of my head just because I wasn’t using a faith based curricula 😦
    I have even had a group say I had to sign a form stating my religious beliefs prior to approval to their “group”
    I feel like one of the reasons I chose to home-school was to avoid my child having to deal with “Labels” and being judged in the public school setting..
    Very sad that home-schoolers are just as bad in their own way 😦
    ((hugs)) to all and just remember there are groups,families ect that will accept you for you not your Label!


  4. I LOVE your blog (number one) I’ve been following it for a while. I’m not secular, but I never realized how it would be for a secular parent to home-school. When I was growing up, our Home-School group and our church-group consisted of basically the same kids. I just figured that was coincidental. Lately my Husband and I have been looking at the churches we grew up in and are glad that we’re no longer part of that kind of church. I’m sorry you and your other HS friends have to go through that. Hopefully your Secular Home-School group will take off and you can bring some of those stuffy religious folk (of whom I’m sure I was a part of at one time) into your fold too and help them realize that there are other people out there! hehe

    Much Love
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Fuzzi-Bunz OS Pocket Review =-.


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