An Unexpected Homeschooling Conversation

Today we took Alex and Anna to Worthington to hit the farmers’ market and 3 different grocery stores.  One of those was Walmart, and they were having back to school sales so I stocked up on markers, composition books, glue and such.

The young woman who checked us out looked up and asked, “Are you a school teacher?”.

I smiled and told her no, we homeschool.  I explained that we always stock up this time of year since the sales are good.

She told me she’d been homeschooled all the way until 8th grade, when her mother thought she ought to go to public school.  She said, “I hated it and dropped out of school.  Never do that to your kids!”.

I smiled and said we intended to homeschool all the way through.

By this time, I had paid and our assortment of wildly colored cloth bags were stacked in the cart.  She kept talking though.  Her aisle had been closed down so she could have lunch and instead of leaving, she went on about her family.

She said her mother tried to send her little brother to public school too and he hated it.  “After a year, she let him come home,” she said.  Then she said her youngest brother wouldn’t go at all so her mother didn’t even plan to try.

She told me it can get lonely for homeschooled kids, so I should put them in open enrollment.  By law in Minnesota, schools have to let homeschooled kids take part in classes or activities if they want to.  She rattled off those that she took part in and her brother’s choices.  Her little brother wanted no part of any of it, though.  Her little brother made me smile.

Anna and I enjoyed the conversation and relayed it to Victoria when we got home.

It’s always nice to talk to homeschoolers who have grown up and hear their side of things.

And now, my pageant stars are finally home at 1 a.m. and I’m going to listen to stories of their wild stormy night. Such excitement!  More on that later!


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