Whirl Whirl Whirl

Oh my goodness, we’re busy!

Yesterday we drove up to Alexandria (3 hour drive) to see some HS friends before they leave the area.  They wanted to see the Runestone and we’d just visited it last month, but we’re always up for a mini-vacation with fun people (AND a little homeschooling!).

We spent the night in a hotel, the kids swam and swam and swam and swam together, we yapped in our room until the wee hours, we visited the Runestone museum, hung out at a scenic spot and then drove 3 hours home just in time to get to the end of the year pageant picnic….

The kids ate, played with friends, climbed trees, jumped from trees…

Then encroaching storms scared us off and back home, where I have to pack for 5 days in Nebraska.  Tomorrow we have four kiddos with dentist appointments and we leave from there for our journey south to Tiffany’s.

Pant, pant, pant.

This would all be much more relaxing if we had air conditioning in our van.  Or if it weren’t 96 degrees today……

This is what it’s like to be on a family trip in our family:

Drive down the highway with the windows down, wind blasting us all with our clothes stuck to ourselves.

Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Avril Levigne, They Might Be Giants or the Pirate CD blasting, depending on whose turn it is to pick the CD.

Victoria:  Play number 8!

Anna:  It’s my turn to pick the CD!

Jack:  Play No!

All:  No!

Alex:  Hold me foot, Mama!  Hold me foot, Mama!

Victoria!  Mom!  Make Alex stop spraying me with Coke slushee and his fan!

Tomorrow we get to do 5 to 6 hours of that.  PLUS dental work.  Ooh boy!  But at the end of the day it will all be worth it.  🙂


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