Random Bits

It has been oppressively hot upstairs in our house lately, where I unfortunately sleep, write and blog.  Hence, I’ve been spending a lot of time downstairs and off the computer.

Tonight we finally had a nice storm that cooled the world down a bit and finally brought a breeze.  While it’s under 100, I figured I’d post some random bits of info about life here lately…

  1. We’re loving our new Brock Magiscope and have now looked at hair from three of us, a swatted fly, a butterfly wing, a bit of a sea sponge, sugar, a whisker, coffee grounds, sand, microprinting on a dollar bill, the texture of a paper towel versus a kleenex, a bee leg and more.  I’m getting higher lenses ASAP so we can look at even more.
  2. Victoria has started writing the newsletter for our local food coop.  It’s a way for her to volunteer, get publishing experience and work on skills like editing.  Here’s her first newsletter.  They always run a “green” article at the start of the newsletter so she used one of mine from my new green living column.  I think she did such a great job!
  3. Anna has been fighting a killer ear infection since Nebraska.  While we were down there we had to drive her around for hours trying to find someone to treat her with our out-of-state health insurance and finally ended up in the ER.  Nearly 2 weeks later she’s still in pretty bad pain despite the medications so we’re taking her back in.
  4. Jack learned to ride a bike yesterday.  He hadn’t gotten around to learning until now and it took all of 30 seconds and he was off like a streak.  He crashed twice into curbs and once into the back of our van but he just bounced a bit and climbed back on.  He’s now racing up and down the streets on his bike every minute.  I really like the “better late than early” approach to so much in life.  Whether it’s toilet training, multiplying, reading or riding a bike, it really is fantastically easy to teach kids things when they’re more than ready.  It also helps alleviate my mama guilt when I think I suck for not having taught my kids things by now.  😉
  5. This article talks about a study that followed kids from childhood into adulthood and rated how successful they were based on personality traits they’d had as kids.  According to the researchers, being impulsive, talkative and adaptable were basically the biggest factors in being healthy, successful adults.  While it’s nice to hear since our kids tend to be all three at least part of the time (and schools tend to discourage much of that), Daryl and I both felt it was pretty rudely skewed in attitude towards introverts and other personality styles.  What do you think?
  6. I’m off to watch shooting stars with some of my favorite people.  Here’s hoping we spy some beauties!

3 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. Whew, you are doing so much!
    I have never heard the term ‘Brock Magiscope’ before, I am off to find out more.
    Good for Victoria with the newsletter; as CSAers, I looked forward to the newsletter every week and know the value of a good one (like Victoria’s 🙂
    I sure hope Anna feels better soon, and may I ask how old Jack is? Luke, our 10-year-old, is really strugging with bike-riding and your comments gave me hope that he’ll pick it up when the time is right.
    I agree about the article’s bent, but I do think it’ll be interesting to see how our kids’ characters change, or not, as they get older.
    Finally, we are excited to watch the meteor shower tonight,it was too overcast last night so this’ll be our first.
    Cheers 🙂
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Obnoxious Political Snail Mail- Take 2 =-.


  2. Karen, Jack is 7. He tried when he was younger and it was sort of a flop and he got busy with scooters and other things in the meantime. I felt pretty bad about it but then watching how quickly he took to it this time was just amazing.

    Good luck with the meteor shower. I stayed home with the boys and Daryl took the girls out to the country. They counted something like 37, while Jack and I saw one before heading inside. It was a nice one though. 🙂


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