The Civil War, Shooting Stars and Cipro

We’re still insanely busy here.

We took Annalee to the doctor today, since she’s had an ear infection since Nebraska that just will not quit.  She was at the ER with a high fever and terrible pain down there, and 10 days and two prescriptions later she still can’t sleep well at night.

Anna is now on Cipro and a couple of ear drops.  The doctor said she’s been seeing antibiotic-resistant staph infections in kids’ ears lately, including one earlier this week.  Yikes.  Hopefully this will kick it.

In other news….

We’re heading to this Civil War reenactment tomorrow.  It sounds like a blast!  Literally, with the cannon fire and all.  😉

Usually, we take part in a knap-in in Lake Benton for this weekend, with Daryl teaching the atlatl, free camping and ooga-booga ceremonies galore (don’t ask, it’s super secret and I couldn’t tell!).  But Daryl’s legs are just too bad right now so we’re taking it easy and being tourists for the weekend somewhere else instead.

Daryl took the girls out to the country to see the Leoneid meteor shower last night.  They counted dozens.  Daryl came home and said “I love small-town living.”  While they were parked by the side of the road, a car pulled up and a man asked if they needed any help.  Daryl told the driver, “No thanks, we’re just looking at the meteor shower” and the voice from the darkness said, “Daryl?”.

It turns out it was Dave, one of Daryl’s local friends and the father of one of Anna’s best friends.  They chatted and watched shooting stars for a bit before Dave headed home and my brood went back to watching the skies.

It’s kind of nice living somewhere where not only will passing cars stop to offer help if you’re parked by the side of the road, but they’ll recognize your voice in the darkness (and know you’re probably the only guy who’d haul his kids out to the middle of nowhere at 2 a.m. to watching meteor showers).  🙂

It’s a crazy life but I kinda secretly love it.

As long as there’s occasional chocolate and wine!


2 thoughts on “The Civil War, Shooting Stars and Cipro

  1. Sorry to hear about the yucky ear infection–hope she feels better soon!

    How were the Perseids? We went oustide at 10:30 and saw a few, decided to try again at 2:30 am, and saw a few more, but not many. Still, it was nice to see the sky from Nana and Papa’s house, where there is a lot less light pollution.

    Hope the reenactment was fun!
    .-= Sparklee´s last blog ..Nature Walk =-.


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