The Eat Local Challenge

We’ve joined in with the Eat Local Challenge from August 15 to September 15 and it’s been fun so far.

We’re not doing it that we have to eat *just* local foods, but that we have to eat at least one local food per day.

So far, our local foods have included…

  • Japanese and heirloom corn on the cob from the Worthington Farmers’ Market
  • Sliced tomatoes from Grandpa’s garden
  • Pesto made from basil picked by our back door
  • Sliced cucumbers from a nearby family farm
  • A taste test of yellow, pink and orange heirloom tomatoes from the Mankato Farmers’ Market, plus gobbling lots of colors and types of cherry and grape tomatoes also from there

We’ve also enjoyed melons, herbs, peppers and lots more.  It’s a great way to make sure that we are even more mindful of using the fabulous local foods that are all around us right now.

Today, we’re making salsa from a huge assortment of colors of tomatoes and types of peppers with cilantro, onion and lime.  No, the lime isn’t local but otherwise we’ll be doing pretty well!

What local foods do you eat this time of year?


2 thoughts on “The Eat Local Challenge

  1. Palisade peaches are being shipped in closer to me for a peach fest Saturday and rocky ford cantalope makes my mouth water. We got the best empanadas at the farmer’s market too.


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