Zoo Day!

We decided on an impromptu trip to the zoo last week and had a fabulous time.

I even rode a camel!

We learned lots about camels from the trainer. For instance…

  • The camels were not owned by the zoo.  The camel trainer is a freelancer who brought them for the summer.  On September 1 he heads to California.
  • Camels live 30 to 40 years.  They use them for camel rides and zoos for only about the first 10 years and then they sell them to “private owners” or retire them to their farm.

I told the kids that I thought that would be an awesome job to have when they grow up — freelance camel trainer!  They’d get to travel, be their own bosses and certainly have an interesting job.  😉

I also get a kick out of private owners buying camels.  I’m not sure why, but backyard camels just tickle me!

Here’s more pics of the day….

It’s a long drive, but we have a family membership and have so much fun.  We’re determined to go even more often this year.

My homeschool column is finally back up, too!

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