Not Back to School Week!

We usually have a special Not-back-to-school day, but this year we sort of went all out.  Monday our local schools started and we wanted to do something special, but we had to wait for (and clean for) the tax appraiser.

Which is not exactly magical.

So we did a few fun things Monday and decided to continue it into Tuesday… and then Wednesday… and then our camping party sort of fit in perfectly and we extended that with a sleepover and before we knew it we’d had a week of fabulous fun.

A few highlights…

  • A special cake and cute cupcakes
  • Dinner feasts at home, complete with dressing up for dinner
  • A trip to the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls to hit the science museum where we ended up sidetracked and exploring the art half we never knew existed.  We looked at multiple galleries of amazing art and the kids all got to play and create in a wonderful art room.
  • A trip to our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant.
  • Going to a matinee (Despicable Me in 3D for Daryl and the younger kids, Vampires Suck for me and Victoria).
  • Wandering the mall!  You know how that’s a big deal for my gang.  😉
  • Streamers, balloons and other decorations downstairs all week.
  • Fun movies from Netflix.
  • Walking the Sculpture Walk in Sioux Falls.
  • Oodles of books from Scholastic, including tons of free ones.
  • Lots of visits to libraries and Barnes and Noble.
  • Camping, hiking and exploring with friends.
  • A slumber party in the living room, complete with junk food and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • More friends visiting.
  • You get the idea!

It’s been a whirlwind and we managed to do most of it downright frugally too, which pleases me to no end.  We’re members of the museum, much of what we did was free and we managed to find ways to cut costs with most of the rest.  Besides, think of what we save with back to school shopping costs! 😉

Here’s a few pics!

It’s been a pretty nice way to start the new “school” year!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Not Back to School Week!

  1. My philosophy is “any excuse to celebrate is a good one” and your idea of a not-back-to-school-celebration is SO great! Love it. Looks like one really fun week of celebrations. I particularly love the dress up dinner with wine glasses 🙂
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..India Adoption Grant =-.


    • Thanks Bethany! We liked the wine glasses and dressing up part too. We actually use wine glasses with most meals. I bought a four-pack for a little over a dollar specifically so the kids could use “fancy glasses” for drinks and they love it. They’re remarkably sturdy too! I’ve had 3 of my own wine glasses break in the past few months but I think we’ve only broken one of the kids’ glasses in the year we’ve had them. 🙂


  2. Are the kids roasting watermelon???? Just curious as to what the red stuff is on the roasters while they are eating watermelon.

    Sounds like a fun week! We’ll be celebrating our “Not Back To School Week” this week.


    • Yep, it was watermelon! It was not a good thing. 🙂 I posted that on the Magical Childhood blog as one of the lessons learned while camping!

      Have a fun NBTS week!


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