10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Oh my goodness, I’m so behind in this sort of thing!  I’m not sure I’ll even remember much of what we’ve been up to.  Here’s a bit though!

1.  We went to a Civil War Days reenactment and had a fabulous time.  We watched a battle, learned to do various ballroom dances, listened to Lincoln (okay, a man who liked to pretend he was Lincoln!) and learned soooooo much.  Next year we’re taking part!  I’m pretty sure I mentioned it earlier but I wanted to share a few pics…

2.  We watched Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives.  It was funny and interesting!

3.  We have looked at a billion more things with our awesome Brock Magiscope.

4.  We went to an art center and studied amazing exhibits (and got a fabulous idea for our next art project!).

5.  We went to the Lake Benton Rendesvous, where we watched a couple of gunfights and browsed the merchandise for sale (arrowheads, old fashioned toys, hard candy, primitive tech stuff, etc.).

6.  We watched deer, dragonflies, herons and other wildlife that let us get close enough.

7.  We went to the pet store and saw all sorts of amazing creatures.   (Photos by Victoria)

8.  We made new friends at a musical get-together in Mankato of people on the secular MN HS list.  Daryl even taught the kids how to play the spoons and gave them each a set to take home.

9.  We went to Fort Pipestone.

10.  We climbed trees, had parties, went camping, had a sleepover, went to the zoo, went to the mall, went to the movies, blogged, read a billion books, walked the Sculpture Walk in Sioux Falls, rode bikes, threw the atlatl, watched movies, made up songs, did art, read stories, cuddled, acted like goofs, surfed the net, played games, used play dough, made glitter/glue messes, cleaned, went to farmers’ markets, tried new things, went new places and otherwise had a pretty good time.  🙂


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