Quote from a 12 year-old

Photograph by Victoria

Those who have been reading for a while know that life with my formerly-nearly-perfect Victoria has been an interesting adventure since she turned twelve in May.  While she’s still pretty darn close to perfect, my goodness can her moods twist and turn.  And I am frequently evil incarnate, or at least fairly horrifying, embarrassing or unjust.

Which is why I nearly broke something smiling when she uttered this line in the van today as we left for a party:

“I like our family best of any family I know.

There may be chaos but we don’t have to be quiet or good.”

LOL!  I’ll take it!

(Though I personally think all four kids are very good.  My definition of good is embodying qualities like kindness, empathy and honesty, which the 3 big kids have and Alex is mastering in his crazy three-year-old way.  Quiet?  No, I could never claim that with a straight face.) 🙂


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