First Day of Language Classes

We got to take part in some free foreign language classes this semester and the first ones were on Monday.

Victoria took German, and Victoria and Anna took Spanish.  I am attending with the girls so I guess I’m taking them too.  🙂  I’ve already taken both languages but that was many years ago!

The classes were fabulous!  They are held at the state college in Mankato, and put on by international exchange students.  We have a slightly nervous young woman from Germany for German and a very fun young man (who never said where he was from, though I’m guessing Mexico) for Spanish.

They are very different in teaching styles but I have a feeling we’ll enjoy both classes.  We’re already learning a lot and the girls had homework in Spanish.  They each had to write a paragraph about themselves and both did a fantastic job!  Perhaps I’ll post them later.

We’ll be going to Mankato each Monday for the classes through November.  We think it’s going to be a pretty neat thing.


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