Ich heisse Alicia, no como carne.

The girls and I are really enjoying language classes. We had our second classes today and we’re thrilled with how quickly we’re learning.  I like that both teachers jumped right into teaching us conversations instead of having us memorize lists of words.

It’s a little wild for Victoria and me, because we are taking both German and Spanish (and the same day).  It can get us mixed up at times… you is tu in Spanish, du in German.  In Spanish, the numbers go one way after 20 and in German the other (twenty and one, versus one and twenty).  And I catch myself sometimes starting to answer in the wrong language.  🙂

It is really fun taking college classes with my daughters.  There’s something really neat about it, sitting in the back row and occasionally whispering or copying the other’s notes.  Afterwards, we stroll past the scuptures and fountains and talk about what we learned and just yap.

We’ll have to miss next Monday’s classes, because we’ll be in Nebraska.  We leave Wednesday for Tiffany’s house, to take part in the second annual AP Homeschool Jamboree.

Tiffany and I, along with all of the other mothers coming, met on an online AP HS yahoo group that I run.  I started it when Victoria was four years old and I was a fresh-eyed homeschool newbie.  I’ve known some of the moms online for 8 years, and they are like old friends even when we haven’t met.  By now I’ve been lucky enough to meet many of them, though, and you know how often we go crash at Tiffany’s house.

It should be a fun week.  Daryl will be teaching the kids to throw the atlatl, and helping them make their own.  We’ll do some wacky activities and perhaps some crafts and make giant communal suppers and I’m sure the noise level will be nearly supernatural.

Oh yes, and Daryl and I will be having a fairy tale wedding.  All the guests are invited to dress up as fairy tale characters (modern, traditional, anything).  We’re going to be Shrek and Fiona.  🙂

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but Daryl and I get married again every year in a new way.  It all started the first time, when we couldn’t decide what type of wedding to have (and couldn’t afford much).  We decided to go with the old hand-fasting tradition of marrying for a year and then renewing it every year, and every year we do it all again in a new way.  It keeps us sappy and it’s nice to have the kids involved too.

Which reminds me, I have to find my Fiona dress…

I’ll talk to you soon!

I mean… Hasta luego!


4 thoughts on “Ich heisse Alicia, no como carne.

  1. How awesome to take classes with your children! My oldest is 13, next is 12 so it is getting to a more fun stage as we can share more. I am looking forward to checking out more of your blog.


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