Checking in from the AP HS Jamboree

The jamboree at Tiffany’s is in full swing and is so much fun. We have families here from Calgary, Michigan, Texas, Nebraska and Minnesota.  Tonight the total is s 12 kids and 8 adults but it changes constantly.  I am typing on Daryl’s laptop in the guest bed and the computer is really fighting me, so this will not be a long update.  I can’t wait to post pictures and yap properly about the feeling of being with old friends and their families who have become so comfortable over the years and be meeting for sometimes the first time. Tiffany’s house is the perfect setting — so big and relaxed and comfortable.

We are doing communal meals, field trips and walks to the park, sitting around and playing games– kids with adults, old friends with new… it just is such a close family feeling that it’s wonderful and heartwarming.  Even kids who are normally very shy have just immediately slipped into the fold and become enthusiastic parts of the fun.

Although in all the excitement we did forget to do anything proper to celebrate National Punctuation Day…  😉


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