The Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge

We’re taking part in a fun challenge this month.  We joined in the MHL Reading Challenge.

It’s especially timely for us since we’re leaving today for History Fest, where we’ll be running the Betsy-Tacy booth in costumes and teaching old time games and such.

Click here for more info on MHL and Betsy-Tacy (the books are based on the author’s early 1900’s childhood growing up in Mankato).  Click here to see more about History Fest and why I am so enamored of this fabulous event.

We’re starting the chalenge with book one, back at the start, when the girls meet at age five.  We’ll see how far we get in the month.  I’d really like to get to some of the older books like when they’re in high school or when Betsy gets her first apartment.  They’re quick reads so we’ll see how much ground we can cover.

Care to join us?


2 thoughts on “The Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing the challenge too! And the History Fest sounds amazing.I realize it’s probably too late as you’re en route, but if you need any Betsy Tacy swag, we have some great tote bags we could offer you for the fest!


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