Oodles of Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Oh my goodness, I’m so behind in blogging here!  Life has been a nonstop whirlwind for months.  I think November might slow down a tiny bit…  Who would have thought that I would ever want winter to come?  I’m really ready for some snow days.  🙂

Here’s a tiny fraction of what the kids have been up to…

  • History Fest
  • German Class
  • Spanish class
  • Reading Betsy, Tacy and Tib for the MHL Reading Challenge
  • A fall festival
  • Mad math problems
  • A playdate with fabulous friends
  • Making pretzels
  • Making bread
  • The Farmers’ Market
  • Blogs and diaries
  • Song writing
  • Books, books, books
  • Altered books
  • iPod apps and games
  • Dice games
  • Thrift stores
  • Photography
  • Keeping up with the mine rescue
  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Park days
  • Vocabulary car games
  • Grocery store games

Plus bunches more.

We also painted the bathroom, are clearing out another room and are just generally completely busy.

I am ready to just putter for a while.

I am really hoping I can do that before November.


One thought on “Oodles of Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. Whew! You, too? I hate to admit it, but I’m also looking forward to some cozy, cooped-up snow days!

    In spite of being crazy busy, it sounds like you’re having lots of fun and doing lots of interesting things! Happy Fall!
    .-= Sparklee´s last blog ..Crazy Busy! =-.


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