The State of Education…

I wrote an article today about a new digital science book being developed (to be available free!) and was on Wired while I was doing research.  This comment got my attention…

i’m not really convenced when he says no publisher is doing this.

i used to work for Harcourt School publishers who (at least 8 years ago) were the leader in all school book publishig for the USA and they were producing ebook versions of the text books.

then later in life i started taking night classes at university of phoenix and pretty much every single book i had to buy was a digital book (from various publishers)

so yeah i call BS on that front.

on the other hand i will conseed that these guys seem to be taking it the next logical step forward with the audio and video componants. i really look forward to downloading their first chapter and checking it out!!!


This from someone who:
a)  Worked for a textbook company, and
b)  Attended a university

What’s even worse is that someone replied to this person and appeared to “correct” the spelling of concede, with a new wrong spelling!  And some snazzy new spellings of his/her own…

@ Iblissli While I will conceed that others are attempting to do this, No One has anything like this available for High schools in the US. I have used the “digital” material that Harcourt provides and I would not put exxentially a scan of the book page on the same level as an interactive video hyperlinked, searchable text. This is the next logical step in the evolution of education. I will be waiting for the first chapter eagerly. When will the physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy… texts be comming?

Hey kids…  Your homework is to see how many errors you can find in those quotes!  😉


3 thoughts on “The State of Education…

  1. Oh… my… goodness. At least the second person was reasonably correct about the information in your original article.

    I LOVE the idea of a free, interactive science textbook, very cool!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Obladi- Oblada =-.


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