A Few Good Links

Here’s a bit of what’s clogging up my browser today…

Fear The Pumpkin: In Ukraine, It’s The Big Kiss-Off

Think jack-o’-lanterns are frightening? Try being a man in Ukraine. Then you’ll truly understand what it’s like to fear a pumpkin.

For centuries in the Eastern European nation, a pumpkin meant one thing: No, I won’t marry you.

An old tradition held that a would-be suitor would visit a woman’s house to propose. If the answer was yes, there was family toasting and celebration. If no, the poor guy was silently handed a pumpkin….

Poor guys!  🙂  Read the rest from NPR here.

Not-So-Scary Play-Dough Monsters!

Pink and Green Mama has more on how to make these fun beasties!

A throw of the Dice

Up to 20,000 years before they had bows and arrows to hunt with, those who roamed what would someday become the U.S. used something called an atlatl to put elk and venison on the supper table…

And mammoth!  Don’t forget mammoth!  If you’re curious about this atlatl thingee that I’m always posting about, this article has some good basic information about it.

Make Me: Spooky Story Dice

I’m not sure about you, but I have to admit that we’d never played with story dice before. Halloween is the perfect excuse to start seeing as spooky stories always seem to capture their imagination. It’s hysterical to hear the stories they come up with! We’d love to hear yours…

These printable dice sound like fabulous fun!  Visit Made in Me to print yours.

Explanation on ballot may baffle voters

A phrase says the amendment “would ensure that the right to vote for persons with mental illness cannot be taken away by the Legislature.”
See kids, grammar matters!  Because we all have a right to vote for persons with mental illnesses, right?  Oops… Read more about the poor wording that’s causing voter confusion here.
And lastly…

The Hundred Year Starship: The Nasa mission that will take astronauts to Mars and leave them there forever

The mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before – on a flight to Mars.

The snag is that you’d never come back.

The U.S. space agency Nasa is actively investigating the possibility of humans colonising other worlds such as the Red Planet in an ambitious project named the Hundred Years Starship.

Wow!  Amazing stuff to ponder.  Read the full story here.

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