A Hike on Loon Island

We left the chores undone and went to a nearby state park for a hike yesterday.  We hiked on Loon Island, a beautiful (and wrongly named) island.

It was very windy and a bit chilly, but it was really fantastic and soul-filling for me.

We saw deer everywhere and they would stop to watch us as we stopped to watch them.  They are nearly tame at the park and there are so many of them.  I didn’t take any pictures because they are as common as fallen trees and I frankly have too much fun watching them to miss it taking pictures.  🙂

I got plenty of pictures of the hike, and of nature study bits we happened upon, though.

It wasn’t all bliss.  The walk to the island was windy and COLD, and Anna was not exactly dressed for the hike.  There was occasionally wailing and gnashing of teeth and getting people out of trees (again and again)…

But still it was wonderful.  We told stories and took pictures and talked and took it all in.

Daryl surprised us by walking the long man-made causeway out to the island.  He has had septic polyarthritis since he was two and walking even very short distances is very painful, so it was a huge treat for him to join us as we were finishing our loop of the island trail.

We searched the beach for rocks and artifacts after he joined us.

Here’s a moment captured on video.  I will miss the sound of the waves come winter.

It was a wonderfully, magical day.  🙂


3 thoughts on “A Hike on Loon Island

  1. I totally understand your feelings about your hike. Sometimes that hike across the causeway, the waves, the wind, the sun, can be a powerful, wonderful feeling. Especially when you are trying to milk the last decent days to do stuff like that.


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