Who Needs the Zoo?

We headed to Mankato for the last German class of the semester, and before class we got together with my fabulous friend Lonni and her kiddos.  Being short on money but up for something fun, we decided to meet at Pet Expo.

It was such fun!  We’ve been to Petco before but not Pet Expo, but Lonni promised it would be a hit.  It definitely was.

We saw rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, mice, a sea anenome, bazillions of fish, lots of types of snakes, bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, toirtoises, many kinds of birds, guinea pigs and more.

Here’s a few more pictures…

Victoria got pictures of the beasties with fur and feathers, but I was mostly chasing children during those times.  😉   That also accounts for why most of the other kids are so scarce in these photos!  For once, Alex was the one who stayed put!

And that, my dears, was our Nature Study for the day.

I picked up some wild bird supplies to make it worth their while to put up with us, but it was still a heck of a deal.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Who Needs the Zoo?

    • I went and searched, and the only “field trip” available in our area (or even the “big city” of Mankato that’s an hour and a half away) was to download the Bing curriculum! Oh well!

      We usually make our own field trips and it generally works out really nicely. We’ve done the DNR, the opthamologist’s (sp?) office, the vet, the Fish and Wildlife headquarters, art galleries, county museums, TV stations, the humane society, a convent… I think I’ve mentioned that when I had to have a CT scan at the Mayo I asked if my kids could come in to view the results with the neurologist since it’s not every day you get to see pictures of your mother’s brain. 🙂 Boy, did he think I was weird!


  1. It is a great pet store! And yet, I can’t help wishing it was still a roller skating rink, as it was years ago. Ah, the memories!
    If you get a little group together, Cold Stone Creamery will give a fun tour of how THEIR ice cream is made, the freezers, fun facts about all the flavors and how much ingredients they go thru, etc. and let the kids make up their own creation on the cold stone. Hint from someone in the know: get yourself a chocolate cake batter with snickers and caramel. ;o)


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