Genetic Mutations (and Pilgrims)

We bought the board game Cranium at Good Will last week (for $1.50 and it was like new!) and played it last night.  You  need four players, which can be tricky with Anna away.  Jack (7) is technically younger than the recommended age (12, I believe) but he and I made a pretty good team.

I had to share his sketch with you all though.

The way Cranium works, there are different card types to draw depending on what color your team lands on.  Some ask questions, some have you draw or sculpt the answer with their play dough, etc.

Jack decided to be the artist for this one question, and his job was to sketch and get me to guess the phrase, which was a thing.

This was his sketch…

I was frantically guessing as he drew, shouting out things like WORM! ALIEN! EYEBALLS!  Then he added a pilgrim hat and I was really confused.  Pilgrim worms?  Pilgrim alien worms?

The timer ran out and our chance was up, so Daryl gave me an extra hint by drawing a fish with three eyes.  Ah!  I guessed genetic mutation right away, and then realized that Jack did an awesome job of drawing a very complicated idea, for a seven year old boy!

He was a little down on himself that he hadn’t drawn it well enough for me to guess, and we all reassured him that he did a really good job of drawing genetic mutation.  I could see it all then — extra eyes, legs, changing forms…

But the pilgrim hat?

I asked him what that was about and he shrugged and said, “I just like pilgrims!”.

I love this boy.  🙂


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