Thanksgiving Fun and Science Nifties

I hope those in the states had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

We had quite an adventure.  Bad roads and mild illness kept us home instead of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s, and we ended up rescuing a giant dog roaming the streets dragging a leash and a kennel door behind him!  We had him for about 24 hours before his owner came and got him.  My kids had a blast as dog owners for a day and a night, and he was a giant, lovable house guest (even if he did hog Victoria’s bed!).

We threw together our own Thanksgiving feast, and Victoria asked me to make it vegan.  I did, and it was unexpectedly delicious!  I didn’t bother trying to do some sort of fake turkey (I hate fake anything!) so we just had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, fettucini in garlic cream (almond milk) sauce, fresh rolls, Victoria’s orange cranberry sauce, sparkling grape juice, apple crisp and maple-pumpkin pie.

Everything was perfect, we were all stuffed to the gills, and the kids proclaimed that the pumpkin pie was way better than traditional and have already eaten almost two whole pies!  🙂

And now, as promised, some science nifties I’ve happened upon lately…

Free Middle School Chemistry Curiculum:

I’ve been looking at this curriculum for the girls.  It looks pretty neat, and who can have a problem with free?

Fabulous Periodic Table of Elements Poster:

I love this PTOE poster from The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.  You can download the PDF to view it, enlarge it and/or print it and you can also order it for free.  What is especially nice is that each element has a list of its applications, plus generally a picture of one of its uses. They say that shipping it outside of the UK will be at their discretion, but they took my order without adding any charges and gave me a confirmation number.  If it comes, I’ll be happily surprised, and otherwise it’s a fantastic online resource.

Take a look at the sun:

Bad Astronomy has an amazing post about the sun that must be seen (and read).  The detail about fitting our earth in that little dark spot was pretty boggling to Jack.  Amazing stuff!

And a bit of science with home ec…

I wrote today about the science of gluey mashed potatoes.   This would be a fun extension when talking about cells!  I’m all for any science that’s tasty.  😉

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you have a fun Friday — whether you shop till you drop or celebrate Buy Nothing Day and stay home and play board games.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fun and Science Nifties

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