Five Fun Ways to Learn This Week

(Annalee reporting the news at the Lincoln Children’s Museum, age 6)

It’s been a while since I posted one of these lists so here goes….

1.  Play “Where’s it from?”. Grab some pantry staples and put them in a box.  Gather the kids and ask them, game-show style, to guess where various items are from.   Make it multiple choice style for younger kids, and pull out the really tough ones for teens or other grown-ups you rope in.  Some good foods to use include dried pasta, fruits with stickers and canned goods.  Keep it fun (no need to keep score unless the kids want to) and give them hints to help them figure out the countries.  When you’re done, make an international snack with some of the ingredients.

2.  Play the periodic table game.

3.  Watch some schoolhouse rock multiplication songs like this one.

You-tube has tons more too!

4.  Play math ball. You can get the instructions and other math fun here.

5.  Have the kids report the news. Give them a copy of the local paper (or look it up online) and assign them the task of reporting on top stories.  They can refer to highlighted text or notes, but they should look at the camera as much as possible.  Have them pick subjects like local news, national, world, weather and science.  They can switch off between newscasters and reporters and work as a team if you have more than one child.  If you like, videotape it and play it back on the TV.


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