7 Weird Things We've Learned Lately

Sometimes things just seem a little stranger than usual, which always tickles me.  Here’s 7 strange things that have come up in our homeschool lately!

  1. Victoria researched how to build catacombs under your house, after seeing a TV show where a Spanish house had tunnels leading down to the sea.  She informed us that radon was a big risk, plus possible collapses.
  2. Alex learned how to say “that.” Well, “tha” anyway.  😉
  3. Jack, Anna and Victoria learned about the origin of the term “Pyrrhic victory” from “A Little History of the World.” Later, all the kids were playing with play clay and building a wall of dinosaurs for Alex.  Alex pretended his dinosaur lost his head and all his feet in a battle and Victoria told him “that was a Pyrrhic victory.”
  4. Anna bought a Sims game and found out that death sometimes visits by cell phone.  He apparently has a nice one.
  5. Anna has been learning about screenplays while helping Daryl write his.  The kids have also been all learning about Bulgaria and zombies from said screenwriting, too.
  6. Jack learned that What you do comes back to you, like if you’re angry at somebody it’s like throwing a rubber ball at the wall.” Pretty deep for a seven year-old!
  7. Anna learned the square root of 36, thanks to a rocket math app.  Certain family members also learned that neither fire trucks nor British phone books make for aerodynamic rockets.  But it sure is fun to watch them bounce.  😉

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