Teacher Tom Tells It Like It Is

I love the wisdom of Teacher Tom’s blog, for more than just preschool projects.  I love his basic philosophy on life and education.

If It’s Not Fun, You’re Not Doing It Right

This post really hits it on the nail for me.  This is why we homeschool.  This is why that BS about school outside the home preparing children for “real life” is never going to wash with me.

Most often, when someone argues in favor or the empty vessel approach to education, they do so by insisting that it’s “good for kids” to learn how to slog through dull, irrelevant coursework, even while admitting that little of the specific knowledge will be retained. This is somehow a preparation for life? I’m here to tell you that in the 30 odd years since I was last in school, I’ve never once had to slog through crap except when it was purely about money, infirmity, or death. Is that what these people are saying? Are they telling me that a teacher’s job is to prepare children for a world in which they must sacrifice fun at the alter of their personal finances and poor health?


Without fun, we learn nothing but harsh lessons. It’s fun to satisfy our intellectual, emotional, and physical curiosities, in fact that’s the only way we can do it. Fun is real. Fun is not frivolous, it’s central. Fun is the most valuable thing there is. I’m here to tell you, if it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.

Exactly.  Here’s to teaching children the inherent fun in learning, living and even (if you do it right) working.

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas.  😉


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