Out With the Old

We had a fun New Year’s Eve at home last night.

A few highlights…

  • Making resolutions
  • Making “Smokin’ Texas Caviar” from Vegan Fire and Spice because it’s made of black-eyed peas (it’s good luck to eat them on New Year’s Eve!) and our whole family loooooooves the stuff
  • Talking about our favorite times from 2010 (there were a lot!)
  • A fun supper with favorite foods
  • Tossing confetti
  • Lots of wrestling and mayhem on the floor after tossing the confetti!
  • Watching “Alice in Wonderland” in the dark
  • Eating appetizers, snacks, various olives on sword spears and way too many Oreos
  • Playing Do Tell together and getting very silly

Alex woke up very late while the kids and I were watching “Alice in Wonderland” and climbed into my lap.  By the time I was ready for sleep, he was wide awake and not having any of this silly sleep business.  I fell asleep to him singing me a little “You’re so awesome, Mama” song over and over.

What a nice way to see out the old year.  🙂

Here are a few of our favorite times from 2010…

  • Rescuing our teeny, tiny, wobbly, sweet black and white kitty (Tokio) from the crazy neighbor’s live animal trap
  • Being in the Wilder Pageant for the 6th year
  • Going to Civil War days
  • Vacationing in Duluth
  • Going to the APHS Jamboree
  • Visiting Tiffany and her family lots
  • Anna finally getting a scooter of her own
  • Jack learning to ride a bike and to swim
  • Hosting our annual summer campout
  • Hiking at Redwood Falls, the Birch Coulee battle site, Rasmussen Woods and state parks
  • Getting to see the fabulous Lonni and her fabulous kids every Monday before German class in Mankato
  • German and Spanish classes at the college
  • Victoria’s blog reaching 1,000 unique visitors and lots of subscribers and commenters
  • Making new friends — in real life and online
  • Getting lots of books and neat things to review for my columns
  • Daryl’s play getting accepted by the MN short play festival
  • Taking part in History Fest
  • Anna’s new camera
  • Our garden and how we had armloads of rainbow swiss chard to harvest every day for half the season
  • Going to the zoo and science museum in Sioux Falls several times
  • Spending time with friends

There were lots more, but those are some highlights.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011!


6 thoughts on “Out With the Old

  1. Happy New Year Alicia!

    I think I read about some of your highlights over this past year, and I want to thank you for sharing with us. Your family is always involved in something fun and interesting, I learn so much when I stop by!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..First- Simplify =-.


  2. Happy New Year to your lovely family! We just recently went to the zoo in Sioux Falls and had the most up close and amazing experiences with the animals..especially the tiger and snow leopard.


  3. Happy New Year! I really enjoyed reading about how you rang in 2011 w/ your family.

    Did you enjoy “Alice in Wonderland”? Was it the Disney version or the new one directed by Tim Burton?


    • Thanks! And yes, we really enjoyed Alice in Wonderland! It was the Tim Burton one and I was surprised by how much we all liked it. I never really cared for the original story (it’s so weird and a little scary!) but this one added a lot of heart, I think. Parts could still be scary for very young kids, but our 3 “big” kids (ages 7, 10 and 12) really liked it.


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