Reason #397 I Love Homeschooling

We got some new lenses for our Brock Magiscope last week and we’re now able to see cells.  Since our model is a very old (but guaranteed forever!) model, it’s not as precise with the lenses as the modern version since they were designed for the modern model and not for the old-time model we bought used.

That said, we were able to watch Victoria’s blood cells moving around.

Blood cells moving around!

Did you catch that?!  Do you know how psyched we all were?

I had to stop her from opening up a wound on her finger the next day because she wanted to do it again.  😉

She even managed to capture it on video and get a picture.  This is through a PowerShot camera, mind you, so it’s nothing that National Geographic will be clamoring for, but still…

Check out Victoria’s blog for the video and more.

And for some other cool videos of blood, check out…

This video of a white blood cell chasing bacteria


And this video teaches you about the components of blood cells using cookies!



For more ideas about things to look at under a microscope, I compiled this list of 50 fun things to look at under a microscope.

And for those who asked, we got our Brock used on eBay (affiliate link) and ordered the lenses through the company.  Brocks have a lifetime guarantee and are wonderfully portable to take to the beach or outside, so it worked great for us to buy ours used.

And now, I have to go pack for a mini-trip to Mankato.  A certain crazy redhead has a birthday coming up and I get to travel to the big city for a couple of days to celebrate!

4 thoughts on “Reason #397 I Love Homeschooling

  1. This is so cool! We’ve just ordered our scope and are waiting very impatiently for it to arrive. Happy birthday to the crazy redhead! (is it you? not that I think you’re crazy of course!)

    Word verification: hugs (how apt!)
    .-= Suji´s last blog ..The Funnel-o-Tron 2010 =-.


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