A few Fabulous Science Projects!

We got back last night from my birthday get-away to Mankato (and homeschool swimming on the way home!) and I’m still playing catch-up.

In the meantime, here are a few really fantastic looking science ideas that caught my eye lately!

Felted geodes

Eclectic Chica has a tutorial on how to make these fabulous little felt geodes.  What a fun way to expand on a rock study unit (which is funny for me to say, because life is a rock study unit around here!).


This simple design for launching ping pong balls is online at Hub Pages and looks like something my gang would eat up.  Alex already makes everything into catapults.  🙂  I have a feeling even more small objects are going to be launched in my downstairs area soon!  (Thanks Laura!)

The Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

Okay, the elephant toothpaste experiment is really just filler, because I really found TWO fabulous science things to try but Two Fabulous Science Projects! just sounded a bit lame.

But it is a fabulous science project, and if you haven’t done it yet then you’re just really dropping the ball, folks.  No offense intended, of course, it’s just so marvelously fun that you really ought to.  We may do it again tomorrow, just because it is that fun.  😉

What’s on your science radar lately?


3 thoughts on “A few Fabulous Science Projects!

  1. Oh, wow! I have a friend who runs workshops making exactly these ‘geodes’ (in the UK, nowhere near you!): http://www.allsensesart.com/page9.htm. (She is also Frillip Moolog, easily googlable if that’s a word. Well, it is now.)

    I particularly like her necklaces and bracelets with felted beads showing their ‘innards’, like a stick of seaside rock (I grew up in Brighton …). In fact I’ve just found how to make it http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A4552841 so thank you for prompting me to think of looking!

    I never use this many exclamation marks in one comment; must be some effect 2011 is having on me. 😉 Happy New Year!
    .-= mand´s last blog ..Loads of words- compensating for lack of words =-.


  2. The elephant toothpaste idea keeps falling out of my brain. Thanks for mentioning it again. I really gotta get some peroxide (today?) so we can try this! 🙂
    Cute little catapault. We used to have a board to set stuff on then stomp on the other end to fling the item. Forgot about that til now too so there’s yet another way to use up this cold cold day.
    I think you’re just out to make sure I’m too busy shopping and playing to ever get this house cleaned again, aren’t you? lol! Which makes my thank-you even bigger. ;-D


  3. Hey, I had to come back to let you know we made the elephant toothpaste and the glue is drying on 3 little catapaults! Fun stuff! The kids got some good mileage out of that “toothpaste” . First grabbing gobs of it to play with (they liked the heat). Then we discovered how cool it is to drip food coloring onto the foam as it comes out of the bottle. It makes some cool looking dots that spread, causing it look like a funky spotted mushroom..and one of them said it reminded them of a character on Mario Bros.! lol! Had fun mixing the colorful overflow around in the pan. Another thing they noticed is even though the foam in the bottle was colored, when they “revived” it by adding more peroxide, WHITE bubbles came out. Didn’t expect that!


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