The Good, the Bad and the Heartbreaking

The good

My beautiful Annalee is now an eleven year-old girl!

(Pictures posted despite the terribly messy background, in the name of full disclosure!)  🙂

The bad…

Our water heater destroyed itself, did its best to flood our basement and has now been replaced by a new model.  The price tag was a bit of an ouch, but it did lead to a great discussion with the kids about the importance of having lots of rainy day funds!

The heartbreaking…

WordPress inexplicably suspended my blog, A Magical Childhood, today.  They didn’t send me a note, tell me a reason or anything as considerate as that.  I went to approve a new comment and in the 20 minutes since the person had commented, it had been taken down.  There’s a red message on my dashboard that says I’ve apparently violated their terms of service and they don’t want me there.  Seriously, their form message to people whose blogs they suspend says “we don’t want you here.”

This after they sent me a form letter at the New Year congratulating me for being in their most successful blog category.

I’ve sent a message telling them that I think it’s a mistake.  I have no idea what on earth I could have done.  I don’t have ads.  I don’t have inappropriate content.  I don’t spread hate messages or solicit funds (okay, I did ask for people to send me Christmas ornaments and said I’d donate to a charity in exchange, when I lost all of ours… Is that solicitation?????).

Sigh.  I have a stomach ache and am going to go try out that pricey new water heater in a (hopefully) hot bath.

Fingers crossed that nothing more explodes or is deleted this week…


10 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Heartbreaking

    • Thanks! I’m hoping for mistake. Maybe someone pushed a “report this blog” button to be trouble? I don’t know though. It makes me a bit sick to my stomach thinking of it all. 😦


    • No, there’s no phone number or anything. I filled out a form but I don’t have high hopes for any kind of answer or resolution. I googled the problem and it seems to be very common.


  1. That’s very odd… Keep on them to fix it, i’m sure it was a mistake.

    But although I love WordPress as a blogging solution – i run most of my stuff using wordpress – I don’t ever use I run wordpress on my own host site (it’s very reasonable these days). Do you at least have a backup of your posts so you can move it to a new site if need be?

    If they won’t reinstate you, ask them to give you the file of your posts, and let me know if you need help uploading it to a new place, and I’ll help you out if I can.

    .-= Dot´s last blog ..The Boy’s latest Robot drawing =-.


  2. That’s terrible about A Magical Childhood! Maybe, if they’re going to go around deleting successful, thriving blogs, they should come up with a form that doesn’t say ‘we don’t want you here.’ 😦

    I’m sending hugs, which I know are not too practical but really are very sincere…
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Strike While The Iron Is Hot =-.


  3. I’m late to the birthday party, but I’m glad your girl had a great day, and also that your blog (which I have read before, and loved!) was reinstated.

    Can I just say that I LOVE that your kitchen is less than ‘company perfect’; JUST like mine, down to the open cupboards and packed counters! Thank you!
    .-= Siggi´s last blog ..My big boy! =-.


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